Getting Medical Help For Pregnancy

Signs That May Indicate Labor Is Approaching

For some, there are very clear signs that your baby is coming, but there are others that may not have these clear signs. If you're close to your due date, and even if you aren't, there are some signs that may indicate that labor is coming and you should head to your hospital. Read on for some signs of labor to keep an eye out for. Loss of the Mucus Plug Read More 

Treating Your Teen’s Period Problems

Despite the fact that medical treatments have advanced in recent years, there are many teen girls who are missing days of school each month as a result of period-related problems. Some of these problems can include heavy bleeding, cramping, and pain. Period problems can create a lot of stress in a teen girl's life. Missing days of school can have a negative effect on grades, and it can cause conflict within the family. Read More 

Vaginal Pain During Intercourse: 4 Common Reasons And Solutions

Do you experience pain during intercourse? Does the pain limit your ability to enjoy sex? Or perhaps prevent you from having sex at all? It can be a frustrating and emotional experience for you and your partner. Your inability to enjoy sex may strain your relationship and create emotional stress. Some of the most common causes of vaginal pain are related to injuries or traumatic experiences like difficult childbirth. However, it's also common for women to experience pain even with no obvious reason. Read More 

What To Look For In A Hospital Birthing Center

When it comes to delivering your baby, there are many options available. Some women prefer to deliver in a hospital setting, while others choose to have a natural home birth. If you prefer to have obstetrics services and medical staff available to you, a hospital birth may be your best option. However, there are many different choices even within a hospital setting. Before you determine your birth plan, you may want to visit the birthing center at several hospitals to determine which one you feel most comfortable with. Read More 

Managing Your PCOS: Treatments You Should Know

When you have recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, also commonly referred to as PCOS, you may be wondering what you can and should do to manage the condition and the associated symptoms. There are many different treatment options available, both through conventional medicine and lifestyle changes, that can help you deal with your PCOS. Get to know some of these treatment options so you can be sure you put some or all of them to use for you. Read More